The origins of Wing Chun Kung-Fu

The Kung-Fu system that we teach is a development of the traditional system of Kung-Fu typically spelt in English as ‘Wing Chun’ which was created around 250 years ago by a Buddhist nun named Ng Mui.

This art was passed down through the generations in secret until the 1940′s, when the late Grand Master Yip Man started to develop and teach the system in Hong Kong, making Wing Chun accessible to the public. The most famous of Yip Man’s students was Bruce Lee who studied under him from 1954 to 1957.

Why train in Wing Chun?

Wing Chun Kung-Fu is a traditional Chinese Martial Art, and is regarded by many experts to be the most practical and effective Self Defence for the modern street confrontation.

You will be learning a system based on concepts that apply to the use of power, fighting principles, body structure and positioning. As such it is unnecessary to remember complex techniques, only to apply these concepts to the given situation. Drills, programmes and free practice enable the student to learn and experience the application of these concepts.

All students have the chance to learn how to effectively defend themselves, regardless of size or strength, as we use the power of the aggressor and redirect this force back at them using reflex action, not pitting on one’s own strength against the power of the opponent.

You will learn self-confidence, awareness of your body, and your training will lead the way towards a more relaxed and healthier life.

Why Train with us?

We understand that everyone is an individual, and our friendly and relaxed way of teaching allows you to develop both as a person, and as a member of a Kung-Fu family.

Attention is always placed on safety. The goal is for self-improvement and to assist one’s partner in perfecting their techniques, not to compete with them.

There is a structured curriculum, with gradings and seminars held throughout the year.