Kung-Fu and Fitness

Although fitness is not a prerequisite to begin your Kung-Fu training, by regular participation your levels of fitness, flexibility and coordination will improve.

Kung-Fu can be translated as ‘achievement through great effort’; the strengthening of the body and the mind, and the learning and perfection of one’s skills. So, as in any discipline, the more effort the practitioner puts into their training, the greater the results will be.

Classes may include warm up exercises and stretching for flexibility, pad drills for skill, coordination and fitness and resistance exercises for muscle tone and power building.

The fighting drills and controlled sparring will also help to improve your stamina.

Fit to Fight?

Outdoor Fighter Fitness sessions are held in Stafford twice monthly. This training helps to build the stamina needed to apply your Martial Arts in a ring or street confrontation. Starting with a warm up, followed by 50 minutes of effective and varied fitness training. Sessions will include periodic fitness assessments based on military fitness standards.

This is also an opportunity for the advanced students to test their techniques under pressure in a safe controlled environment.

Fitness sessions may also be booked as a ‘Personal Training’ session or with a small group.